Daniele Aniello – Italian Coach

What Coach Daniele Aniello has to say about Europrobasket International Academy

” I think it’s the perfect situation, because in one hand you have the perfect structure to practice and improve your game, and at the same time you get exposed to coaches coming from all around the world. Also I think the food, dinner, lunch and breakfast, is perfect for someone who needs to be ready to play. Coming here is kind of opening millions of options.”


Coaching Experience:

2016 – 2017 Head Coach Janus Basket Fabriano (ITALY)

2007 – 2016 Head Coach  Ascoli Basket senior team (ITALY)

2012 – 2017 Director  Ascoli Basket – Italian Prep Academy

2012 – 2017 Coaches Association Local Coordinator

2011 Coach Rising Ballers Pro Performers Nottingham  (ENGLAND

2007 – 2008 Coach Female  Senior Team C league in Ascoli Piceno (ITALY

2007 – 2008 Coach  U13 Martiniscuro (ITALY)

2006 – 2007 Coach U14­ U18­ Vohringen  (GERMANY)

2005 – 2006 Coach U14 Val di Ceppo (ITALY) ­ assistent with senior team in  V.Ceppo (ITALY)

2004 – 2005 Coach u15 and u16 Longford  (IRELAND)

2003 – 2004 Coach  U14 and U16 Ascoli Piceno(ITALY)

2003 Work in Ascoli Piceno School in “Summer Basketball Program” (ITALY)

2002 – 2003 Coach  U12 and U14 in Ascoli Piceno (ITALY)