Our programs offer the best opportunity for a player to learn the fundamentals and tactics to play in Europe. If you have ever wondered how to play professional basketball overseas, then you have found your answer with us! We offer many programs at different times of the year, all of which teach players how to adapt to a European Style of play and improve their performance. Our programs are designed with the professional player at mind, and executed by fully professional, international, fiba and or nationally certified coaches and trainers. All players improve during their program. Many stay for the remainder of the season due to our contacts with teams here in Europe and the rest of the World. We do not guarantee any player a team. We do however guarantee the player the best opportunity to improve, learn how to be successful in Europe, and showcase their skills to professionals who will work hard to place them on a team that can further develop them. Get your start here here in Europe with one of our programs. Improve your skills with the best professionals Europe has to offer. So if you have ever asked yourself, how to play overseas professional basketball, contact us and, Cross over to pro with Europrobasket!



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