Tashawna Higgins

Position: Point Guard, Shooting guard

City: Valencia, Spain
Year: 2017-18

Europrobasket player Tashawna Higgins, Norfolk State University NCAA D1, Point Guard/Shooting Guard, signed with a team near Valencia, Spain. This will not be Tashawna’s first contract overseas as she has successfully completed seasons in Iceland’s 2nd Division and France’s 4th Division. This will be her first contract here in Spain.


General info:

Born: October 6th 1986 Nationality: Canadian/Jamaican Height: 178cm Weight: College: Norfolk State University NCAA DI

Previous Experience:

2016-17 Annemasse France LF2, 21.7 Ppg, 4.8 Asst, 3.6 Steals

2014-15 Tindasoll Iceland, 21ppg, 5 steals, 5.5 ast, 11.3 rpg

2013-14 Tindasoll Iceland, 24.7 ppg, 3.5 steals, 2.7 Ast, 4.9 rpg

Basketball career:


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Power foward

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