Jerry Karczewski

Position: Point Guard

City: Portugal
Year: 2018-19

Europrobasket player Jerry Karczewski, American 6’0″ Point Guard from Westmont College NAIA, signed in Portugal. Jerry came to Europrobasket after a successful college career at Westmont College in Santa Barbara California, which competes in the NAIA collegiate competition. All 4 of his college years were played their earning NAIA All-American recognition his last two seasons. He is recognized as the Westmont College All-Time 3-Point feild goal leader and 11th in all-time scoring. He also ranks as 13th in all-time assists. Jerry signed with his club in November of 2018. He has already helped them to a 7-4 record, scoring 14.8 pts per game in 18 mins of game time.


General info:

Born: December 8, 1995 Nationality: USA Height: 6’0″ College: Westmont College NAIA, Santa Barbara 2014-18

Previous Experience:

Westmont College 2017-18 – 32 Games, 32.8 mins, 15.2 pts, 42% 2pt, 44% 3pt, 2.9 rebs, 3.5 asts

Westmont College 2016-17 – 32 Games, 28 mins, 12.9 pts, 47% 2pt, 46% 3pt, 2.0 rebs, 2.5 asts

Westmont College 2015-16 – 31 Games, 22.4 mins, 9.6 pts, 44% 2pt, 44% 3pt, 1.9 rebs, 2.3 asts

Westmont College 2014-15 – 36 Games, 21.6 mins, 7.8 pts, 42% 2pt, 41% 3pt, 1.6 rebs, 1.8 asts

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