Europrobasket is a year round professional training program, rated by many as the best basketball academy. We have a fully professional staff of ex-players and fiba and/or nationally certified coaches, agents, trainers and scouts.

Every staff member has played basketball at a high level and understands how the professional basketball market works. We take time every day to not only teach the physical tactical skills needed, but also how to think and act like a professional to give the player the best chance at getting signed to a team. This is how Europrobasket has gained the reputation as being the Best Basketball Academy in Europe by professional coaches, trainers, scouts, players and agents alike.




We have the best training facilities available in Europe. Our superior hotel gives our players the comfort of home away from home. The hotel is just 8 minutes walking from the our training facilities, L’Alqueria del Basket.



Europrobasket medical staff includes a physical therapist and doctor who are both fully qualified professionals trained to work with professional players and aid in the treatment and recovery of all Europrobasket players.



We have a team of academy players practicing twice a day and playing games every week against European teams, gaining quality game film, and learning how to be a successful European basketball player.



Our reputation is one of the best around the world because of a history of discipline, respect, professionalism and most importantly honesty, to all of our clients and contacts. This is why we are rated the Best Basketball Academy in Europe by many players, coaches, teams, scouts and agents alike!



Our location is essential to giving players the best exposure to European coaches, teams and managers.



Europrobasket is a safe and professional environment for players of all ages, ethnicity’s and cultural backgrounds.



We take time to build a personal relationship with each and every player to mentor, advise and assist them in all sport and non-sport related decisions.


Our goal is to teach European systems and fundamentals in order to create successful opportunities in the European basketball market, and to keep our reputation of having the Best Basketball Academy in Europe!
Last signedChristian Foxen
Position: Power foward
CITY: Portugal
YEAR: 2019-20

Europrobasket player Christian Foxan, 6’8″ Power Forward from UCONN NCAA D1, signed his first professional contract in Portugal. Christian attended Europrobasket International Academy following a 4 year collegiate career at the University of Connecticut. During his time at UCONN he lacked minutes leading to lower stats and insufficient film. He also had a year off to finish his studies. He decided to attend Europrobasket on the recommendation from his agent, Kevin Tarca with Kreation Talent Agency. During his time here, Christian displayed a great attitude, work ethic and overall understanding of the European basketball system. He quickly received a tryout from a team in Portugal, which he accepted.


L'Alqueria Del Basket
Valencia Basket Spain