16 Europrobasket Players in Playoffs, 2 Championships and 2 Mvp’s!

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The 2017-18 season has been an epic one for Europrobasket players and the teams they play for! The season, for many leagues has not even reached playoffs yet but already our players have made huge impacts for their teams.

  • Kenny Hatch was ranked as the best Rookie Player in the Liga Eba competition.
  • DJ Irving was ranked as the first of 12 of the best import players in Liga Eba for this season.
  • Robert Konteh and Don Stephens II won championships and moved their teams to higher divisions.
  • Tashawna Higgins arrived to her team halfway through the season with only one win and ranked last placed, and has now reached the playoffs!
  • Judy Jones arrived to her team last season, won a championship and moved them up a division, and now her team is the first woman’s team to secure a position in the final four.
  • Byron Richards and David Miakanda won the championship with their team last season which moved them up a division, resigned with them this season and now is competing to make it to the playoffs again for another chance to move them up another division.
  • Europrobasket player Michael Kuethe brought his friend, former NBA player Robert Swift to his team in Gijon. With the addition of Robert Swift to an already strong team which has Europrobasket players Antonio Austin and JR Johnson, they have now qualified to the final four.
  • Europrobasket player Dominic Parisi’s team is in first place with a 22-4 record.

This season Europrobasket signed 54 players to 9 different countries.

14 Europrobasket players are still competing in the playoffs. Others still have the opportunity to help their teams reach the playoffs.


Congratulations to all the Europrobasket players and teams that have accepted our players. Good luck with the rest of the post season!