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Europrobasket is a Professional Basketball Academy based in Girona, Spain. We have certified European coaches and Fiba certified agents working everyday for our players. These professional coaches and agents work on and off site here at our professional grade facilities. Europrobasket International Academy has a professional physical trainer equipped with the most useful recovery equipment. All of our staff are highly professional and trained to give the players exactly what they need to be successfull overseas. Our first priority is improving the player and helping them adjust to the European basketball system. Not only physically, but mentally teaching and informing players what it really is to be a professional basketball player overseas.

Europrobasket specializes in training, teaching, developing and placing basketball players on professional and semi-professional basketball teams in Europe or throughout the World. We focus on European markets but have connections and have placed players throughout the world. Our professional certified staff aides in professional placement opportunities in Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East or Africa. Europrobasket also aides in placing young European basketball players in the United States in various Universities. We are a World recognized International Professional Basketball Academy that develops players at the highest level to play at the highest level, whether it be in a University or on Professional team.



We started Europrobasket Professional Basketball Academy to help basketball players become successful in fulfilling their dreams of pursuing basketball careers. Europrobasket gives players without contacts to teams or agents overseas, the best opportunity to showcase their skills in Europe. We are a professional basketball coaches and team's one stop shop for professional players. Europrobasket trains and places players year round and will always have professional basketball players ready for placement on teams throughout Europe and the rest of the World. We organize games for Universities, travel teams and national teams. Europrobasket makes contacts between young or experienced players to further them in their basketball careers.

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Professional Basketball Academy- Cross Over to Pro

Why pay for a Professional Basketball Showcase or Professional Basketball Tryout in the US? Come to Europe to showcase your talent in front of European coaches, team managers and agents. Play in front of many teams and coaches from all over Europe. Save your time and money for a great opportunity to play professional basketball overseas. The best chance of landing a job playing professionally in Europe is to be in Europe. Workout with our Professional and fully Certified coaches. Play games against actual Spanish teams in competition from all Divisions. Gain film playing against actual professional European teams. Film that will help you for the rest of your career! Academy players play on average 4 or 5 games a month, and during tournamnets can recieve up to 10 games in a given month! Guarantee yourself a real opportunity to sign with one of these teams, or give yourself the chance to go on a tryout to a team in another country in Europe, Asia, South America, Central America, the Middle East or Africa. Europrobasket Professional Basketball Academy has agents, scouts and coaches working on every continent in the World. Come to the most successful year round Professional Basketball Showcase in Europe.  Attend the most complete Professional Basketball Camp. Show your skills at the best all around Basketball Summer League in Europe. Come here to Europrobasket, the BEST Europe basketball academy and the only one that guarantee’s players games every week against Spanish teams. 

Give yourself the best chance

Why pay for a Professional Basketball Tour or Professional Basketball Exposure Camp in the US? Professional Basketball Tours are great for seeing countries or exploring different styles of Professional Basketball. Professional Basketball Exposure Camps in the US are great for networking, they usually work with one agent or agency. More times than not it is a great experience but doesn’t lead to a real opportunity. After you try your chances at a few of these events you find yourself still looking for a way to get signed.  For the price of a one two WEEK TOUR, you can attend Europrobasket International Academy for one MONTH, the BEST Europe basketball academy. Europrobasket is a Professional Basketball Academy that has games against teams year round. You can get stats and film from these games to send to contacts asking for them. When there are openings for players in your position you will be the first to be sent. We have countless agents working with us everyday helping to place players not only in Europe, but the rest of the World. We work with teams from all different levels, from the 1st division to the 7th. Our goal is to bring players to Europe and to get them placed on a team. We analyze players abilities in practices and games, and place them according to skill level. We want to keep our players in Europe once they arrive, if a professional contract is not available at the time the player is here, or the player is not ready for one, we place them on a semi-professional team that can help with expenses to keep the player in Europe and playing a good level of basketball. The player will improve and learn how to play in Europe through the academy games and practices and also through their involvement in teams they were place on. The player is in a great opportunity to gain stats and video in competitions. This is the best Professional Basketball Showcase in the world because of these principles.

Why Wait

Why wait? Don' waste valuable time. Gaps, meaning years not signed with a professional basketball team, hurts your chances of ever playing basketball professionally overseas. The more you wait, the older you get, the less time and chances you have to make a career playing basketball professionally overseas. Europrobasket is the your best option to start your career or to improve it. We offer the most complete Professional Basketball Camp. We give the most beneficial Professional Basketball Showcase, and we offer the highest competition Basketball Summer League in Europe. Come now to our Professional Basketball Academy and guarantee yourself the opportunity to make a living playing basketball overseas.

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