Europrobasket International Europe Basketball Academy

Europrobasket is a Professional Europe Basketball Academy based in Girona, Spain. We have certified European coaches, scouts and Fiba certified agents working everyday for our players. These European professional coaches , scouts and agents work on and off site here at our professional grade facilities. Europrobasket International Europe Basketball Academy has a professional physical trainer equipped with the most useful recovery equipment. All of our staff are highly professional and trained to give the players exactly what they need to be successful overseas. Our first priority is improving the player and helping them adjust to the European basketball system. Not only physically, but mentally teaching and informing players what it really is to be a professional basketball player overseas.


Europrobasket Europe Basketball Academy

Europrobasket specializes in training, teaching, developing and placing basketball players on professional and semi-professional basketball teams in Europe or throughout the World. We focus on European basketball markets but have have placed players throughout the world. Our professional certified staff aides in professional placement opportunities in Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East or Africa. Europrobasket Europe Basketball Academy also aides in placing young European basketball players in the United States in various Universities. We are a World recognized International Europe Basketball Academy that develops professional and semi-professional players at the highest level to play at the highest level, whether it be in a University or on Professional team.


Europrobasket International Europe Basketball Academy Spain

We started Europrobasket International Basketball Academy to help basketball players become successful in fulfilling their dreams of pursuing basketball careers. Our Europe Basketball Academy gives players without contacts to teams or agents overseas, the best opportunity to showcase their skills in Europe. We are a professional basketball coaches and team’s one stop shop for professional players. Europrobasket trains and places players year round and will always have professional basketball players ready for placement on teams throughout Europe and the rest of the World. We organize games for Universities, travel teams and national teams. Europrobasket makes contacts between young or experienced players to further them in their basketball careers.


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Last signedTerrell McCloud
Position: Point Guard, Shooting guard
CITY: Girona, Spain
YEAR: 2017-18

Europrobasket player Terrell McCloud, 6’0″ Shooting Guard- Point Guard, signed a contract in Girona for the remainder of the season. Terrell came to Europrobasket without collegiate or professional experience. He graduated high school and immediately entered the work force. After about 5 years of work, Terrell decided he would like to give playing basketball professionally overseas a shot. During his time at Europrobasket, Terrell earned a spot on a local team and will be finishing the season with them.



Europrobasket player Judy Jones lead her team BOET Mataro to a Championship victory over Basket Almeda adding an impressive 21 points, 19 rebounds and 3 assists! Judy signed with her team last season following her Europrobasket Female Program in September of 2016. During her


Europrobasket player Gavin “Zinzan” Whitelaw left this past weekend on a tryout in Dublin, Ireland. Zinzan came to Europrobasket at the age of 18 with only 5 years of experience playing basketball in his home country of South Africa. After two and a half months of training w


The 2017-18 season has been an epic one for Europrobasket players and the teams they play for! The season, for many leagues has not even reached playoffs yet but already our players have made huge impacts for their teams. Kenny Hatch was ranked as the best Rookie Player in t